Anne Laesecke

Anne Laesecke

Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor
Africa, Asia, Europe & Eurasia, Moldova, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Romania, Ukraine, Civil Society, Education, Gender Equality & Inclusion, Leadership, Technology, Youth

Anne Laesecke is a monitoring and evaluation advisor for the Center for Applied Learning and Impact as well as for programs in the Leadership Practice and Communities & Governance Practice.

In this role, she brings expertise in implementing IREX’s Organizational Performance Improvement approach, cultivating systems-shifting networks, and designing rigorous M&E systems that emphasize participatory and reflective methods.

Anne oversees all aspects of the Mandela Washington Fellowship’s monitoring and evaluation activities, and she has spearheaded the program’s efforts to develop a sustainable network of changemakers. Under her management, the program expanded its participatory evaluation activities, incorporated social network analysis, and initiated specific learning exercises to better measure and reflect on the program’s outcomes. Since joining IREX in 2014, she has supported several projects across IREX’s practices, including the Navigator program in Myanmar and Nepal; conducted a case study of rural community development; and worked on the Advancing MOOCs for Development Initiative and IREX’s Global Libraries and Ukraine program portfolios.

Prior to IREX, Anne worked at World Learning, supporting the creation of organizational performance metrics. She also spent six months in Nepal researching child labor and human trafficking, and lived in Ukraine where she taught English through the Peace Corps.

Anne has an MA in international education from the George Washington University and a BA in linguistics and French from the University of Colorado.