Aleksejs Busarovs

Aleksejs Busarovs

Finance and Administration Officer
Europe & Eurasia, Education, Media

Finance and Administration Officer Aleksejs Busarovs is responsible for everyday operations of IREX’s office in Riga which implements the Media Literacy in the Baltics project.

The program’s aim is to introduce the Journalism in the Era of Disinformation course to media students in Baltic universities. Aleksejs is responsible for supporting operational aspects of citizen training initiatives for young people of different backgrounds in order to develop their media literacy skills.

Aleksejs ran his own business for many years. For the last eight years he was chairman of the board for a Latvian NGO responsible for executing lifelong learning programs for adults. He worked for several universities, teaching management of innovation and digital marketing.

Aleksejs holds an LL.M degree from the Riga Graduate School of Law and a master’s degree from the Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration. Russian is his native language; he also speaks Latvian, English, and Dutch.