Ahlem Nasraoui

Ahlem Nasraoui

Regional Program Officer
Middle East & North Africa, Civil Society, Education, Gender Equality & Inclusion, Governance, Leadership, Media, Youth

Ahlem is the regional program officer in the MENA region working on the US–Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) Alumni Connection Program. 

As a former program specialist with expertise developing and implementing projects and solutions to achieve goals in the international development and social engagement spheres, Ahlem's experience blends research and learning with program management. 

At Breakthrough Media, Ahlem oversaw tasks involving conducting and analyzing research to understand on-the-ground situations and to ensure that learning was implemented into work across the team. 

Ahlem is also the president of Young Leaders & Entrepreneurs that managed diverse mentorship and capacity building programs like Unleash Tunisia Venture Bus, which is a mobile school to teach young graduates necessary skills and core competencies to launch their startups. The project received funding from the US–Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) and is a current awardee-participant of the 2017 Intercultural Innovation Award, a partnership between UNAOC and the BMW Group.

Ahlem earned a bachelor’s degree in English language, literature, and civilization and a master’s degree in English business communication from the Higher Institute of Languages Tunis, and a certificate in professional development and in local economy from Coady International Institute in Halifax, Canada.  Ahlem is a native Arabic speaker and is fluent in English and French. She has basic skills in Italian.