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To Make a Better World: IREX Then & Now

Forty-three years ago, IREX was created to help advance exchanges, not just of people, but of ideas. As we celebrate IREX’s founding, we honor its original charge by continuing to bring people together, to link institutions both within and across countries and regions, and to host events where the latest thinking and research is shared with the world.

IREX’s team of over 50,000 alumni—teachers, journalists, community leaders, and policymakers—are a force for positive change within their communities, countries, and the world. With your support, we can help many others to transform their societies, people like:

Elnura Emilkanova, a teacher who’s developing integrated education and other services for blind and visually impaired students in Central Asia;

Salado Mohamed, a negotiator in Somalia who’s increasing the reach of peace advocacy by leveraging local media; or

Andro Gigauri who’s using his experience in the US to develop a youth mentoring program that fights juvenile crime in the Republic of Georgia.

Your tax-deductible donation can extend the benefits of IREX’s programming to more people than ever, creating an even stronger force for global understanding and lasting change. Please make a donation today at and help make a better world.



W. Robert Pearson