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IREX Publishes First Interactive Online Annual Report

IREX is pleased to announce the publication of its first interactive online annual report for 2012. The report includes a video welcome message from IREX President W. Robert Pearson and highlights of IREX's work helping over half a million people this year:

• Strengthening local institutions
• Improving literacy and education
• Bringing global resources to American communities
• Expanding youth voice and economic opportunity
• Leveraging the power of technology
• Using libraries to power development

The stories from Brazil to Georgia to Uganda show the successes of activists, journalists, NGO leaders, students, and teachers from some of the 70 projects IREX implements in 125 countries. The online report provides more than 50 links to further information on the main IREX website. A shorter, printer-friendly version of the report is available to download from the site.

"This report demonstrates IREX's commitment to fiscal responsibility, green business practices and creative, effective and efficient assistance to make a better world," said IREX President W. Robert Pearson.