IREX launches annual report examining data for impact and applied learning

IREX launches annual report examining data for impact and applied learning


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We’re excited to share IREX's latest annual report: Data for Impact & Applied Learning. This year’s report is a departure from our typical annual report, which usually features stories about the people we support around the world.

Instead, we'd like to give you an inside look into how we use data to shape what we do and how we do it to—ultimately—support more just, prosperous, and inclusive societies.

At IREX, we strive to be a learning organization

We collect and analyze data from our work, adapt our approaches based on what we find, and test innovations that build upon what works and eliminate what does not—all with the goal of improving people’s lives.

In all of our work across 120 countries, we monitor progress and evaluate impact, use evidence to adapt, create innovative approaches, and share what we learn with the sector.

Diagram of IREX's applied learning process: Understand the problem; identify solutions; implement and test; collect data, reflect, and learn; surface innovations and adapt approaches; document and curate knowledge; disseminate and promote to practitioners, partners, and donors


Five case studies examining lessons learned

In this year’s annual report, we offer five brief case studies that illuminate lessons learned from our work to empower youth, cultivate leaders, strengthen institutions, and extend access to quality education and information.

Three college students in the U.S. talking with three students from Jordan over video chat

We hope that these examples will be useful to the development community as we all reflect on how to enhance the impact of our work.

To view the case studies and learn more about our impact, read the full report »