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Posted on February 5, 2016 - Kristin M. Lord in Civil Society Strengthening
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Ukraine and Tunisia are strategic linchpins that merit US backing

This article by IREX President and CEO Kristin Lord and the United States Institute of Peace Executive Vice President William B. Taylor was originally published in...

Journalism training - IREX's USAID Media Strengthening Program in Mozambique

This article IREX President and CEO Kristin Lord and Internews President and CEO Jeanne Bourgault was originally published by...

Enrollment rates for girls in school have improved, but gender gaps remain

Children and youth of all genders have a right to inclusive, quality education – the foundation to improving people's lives. Yet an estimated...

Through Beyond Access, IREX is strengthening libraries to become community hubs

Literacy is not just about reading. Literacy is about having the skills and tools necessary to exchange ideas, assess information, and to make informed actions, all in order to participate and...