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Fellows Research

September 26, 2014

I argue that differences in the institutions of local governance that each state adopted shortly after independence reshaped state-society relations in ways that either fragmented and regionalized...

September 25, 2014
Scholar Research Brief

The research focuses on identifying and describing the ethno-religious landscape among youth (primarily students in institutions of higher education) by gauging attitudes and...

IREX Reports

October 22, 2014

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June 11, 2014
Mozambique Media Sustainability Index (MSI) Photo 2014

Training Materials

April 3, 2014
YTP Drama for Conflict Transformation Toolkit

Youth leaders and adult facilitators can use these tools to create a customized training agenda based on their needs, time allowance, and cultural context.

January 27, 2014
Developing Gender-Responsive Learning Environments Toolkit

Developing Gender-Responsive Learning Environments Toolkit

Project Publications